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Liber Floridus

Who was Lambert?

Sint Audomarus

Ghent University Library, Ms. 92, f. 13r: portrait of the author Lambert

Little is known about the author of the Liber Floridus.. We do, however, know his name: Lambert. The name Lambert being in common use at the time, it is not really a great help. Still, Lambert left nothing to chance in establishing his name in history. He repeatedly identifies himself in the text as the author of the book. Furthermore, he refers to his father, Onulph, who had been canon of the Church of Our Lady at St. Omer before him. Onulph died in 1077, but we do not know Lambert’s date of birth or death. We assume that he completed the Liber Floridus around 1121. Right at the end of the Liber Floridus is a family tree of his maternal ancestors that goes back to Lambert’s great-great-grandfather Odwin. Finally there is a portrait of Lambert writing his book, which is usual in medieval iconography.

Sint Audomarus

Ghent University Library Ms. 92, f. 43v: ‘Onulphus canonicus pater Lamberti qui librum scripsit’ i.e. Canon Onulph, father of Lambert who wrote this book


Ghent University Library, Ms. 92, f. 43v, 154r.

Derolez, A., The autograph manuscript of the Liber Floridus. A key to the Encyclopedia of Lambert of Saint-Omer, Corpus Christianorum Autographi Medii Aevi. Turnhout, Brepols, 1998.

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